Today is the last day to buy Early Bird tickets for Paris Photo Los Angeles.

The world’s most celebrated art fair for works created in the photographic medium, will take place at Paramount Pictures Studios from April 25-27, 2014. 

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Image Credit: Guy Bourdin, ‘Vogue Paris - May 1970’, 1970 | Exhibitor: Louise Alexander Gallery


Corning’s brilliant vision of the near future. Constant and free connectivity can and will reshape society in a fantastic way.


ON FEBRUARY 19th Mandiant, a security firm, released a report alleging that hackers from a Chinese military outfit known as Unit 61398 were probably behind attacks against more than a hundred companies and government agencies around the world. Without delving into the geopolitics of the the…


Being the Computer Technology Generation, Protecting your Computer is like - you being protected with a powerful shield. Quarantining a Virus, intruder, phisher, malware is like killing your enemies. So wonder how much you need to take care of your computer’s health i.e. your health….


In this article, you will learn about the associate degree program in computer and networking technology, as well as receive information on advanced degree programs, career options, coursework, and job skills to make an informed decision about your education.

Associate Degree Program in Computer…


I have had a rough weekend.

I am a lead computer tech full time and a side business owner and I have more than your average computer network at home. A server with Server 2008 R2 64 bit, 3 terabytes+ storage 320 of which is RAID 0 for the system, 8 gigs ram. A cisco router with DD-WRT VPN…


Bring IT Together - An IT Conference for Educators

From Wednesday, October 23rd to Friday, October 25th, ECOO (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario), in partnership with OASBO (Ontario Association of School Business Officials) will hold a conference for educators to learn about and discuss computer technology in the classroom. It is…


An associate degree program in computer and electronics technology will prepare students for entry-level employment in both the electronics industry and computer-related fields. Students will become knowledgeable in basic hardware, interfacing, and circuitry installation.

Associate Degree…